Monday, December 5, 2016

Personal Reflection

Throughout the twenty hour module, I gained useful experiences on technical communication.

I learned various ways and techniques on essay writing. I realise that one does not need to use fanciful words to write a great essay. In fact, using a 'common language' would allow you to present ideas in a clear and concise manner and convey points to the readers.

I also learned the format and language use for writing a technical report. In the beginning, I was unsure of how to write a proper report and essay. With Brad's feedback, I was able to learn from my mistakes and improve on my sentence structure. He told us about rewriting essays over and over, not as a punishment but to make the essay even better. Along the way, I would also pick out my grammatical errors and remove unnecessary words which may confuse the reader. This helped me improve my essay writing for other modules.

Of all the assignments given, I was most nervous on the presentation as I last presented six months ago. But after reading the comments through the peer evaluation forms as well as the feedback from Brad, I managed to pinpoint my mistakes such as the volume I projected during presentation too soft and how I did not adopt a proper stance. Additionally, I learned some tips to get my information across more effectively by using short phrases or replacing lengthy sentence with pictures or charts instead.

Despite the short twenty hours of lessons, technical communication was fun and enriching as I get to interact with my classmates and lecturer. For the first time, I actually felt there was a connection between lecturers and students themselves compared to similar communication modules I took back in Polytechnic. I had the opportunity to know more about my classmates and how it was like to work with different groups of people.

Overall, the module has given me valuable takeaways and I believe that to be truly effective in communication, practice is always the key.

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Executive Summary

Executive Summary

This proposal discusses about the current Geotab GO7 and how it can be improved through some modifications as well as the benefits of the implementations.

Research have been made and it was identified that the current Geotab GO7 is lacking of some functionality. To work on the problem of the lack of functionalities, this report propose to modify the current Geotab GO7 to better serve the needs of the fleet companies and fleet drivers.

The drawback in the implementation of the modified Geotab GO7 can be identified in the evaluation of the product. In conclusion, this proposal aims to convince the Geotab stakeholders that the implementation is needed to increase the fleet efficiency and sales of the Geotab GO7.